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Japanese facial massage

This facial massage is known to stimulate the entire energy circulation of the face, neck, whole body and releases the muscular tensions that favor the appearance of wrinkles.

Ancestral anti wrinkle, this massage is today one of the most effective techniques. Its regular practice makes it possible to prolong or recover the youth of the face by softening and toning the muscles, purifying the skin and rendering its radiance because it is the whole upper part of the body that is treated.

The duration of the session is 25 minutes.

Price: 40 euros

Principles and effects

The massage technique combines skin kneading, drainage and digito-pressure stimulation of the shiatsu meridians.
The Kobido is a true natural lifting:
  • Fights against sagging skin
  • It reduces the effects of stress
  • It restores radiance to the skin, increases elasticity, stimulates micro-circulation
  • It is an anti-stress thanks to a deep relaxation
  • It reduces wrinkle depth
This treatment aims to fight the aging of the face. By reducing the effects of stress on expression lines and fighting against sagging skin.

It is a complete care that in addition to having an effectiveness on the skin, will also bring relaxation. The muscles released from all forms of tension or tightness gives a younger looking skin and a brighter complexion.