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Kalarippayatt massage

Reserved especially for experienced clients in massage techniques, It can also be a great first experience to those who do not fear nudity.

The Kalarippayatt is an Indian martial discipline born in the State of Kerala, in South India, more than 3500 BC. Martial arts experts consider the Kalarippayatt as the combat method behind all existing martial arts including the Shaolin kung-fu.

The kalarippayatt also has a “healing” branch using a mixture of advanced osteo-articular techniques and massages using herbal medicinal oils.

Traditionally, the learning of this branch is reserved only for pupils who have mastered the combative branch. The mastery of the martial art makes it possible to know naturally the anatomy of the body and to control low posture to use during the care.

About me, it’s a little different. In France, my status doesn’t allow me any therapeutic practices, Sherriff, the master “Gurukal” met in Kerala has nevertheless agreed to teach me a protocol focused on well-being.

Anyway, here I propose you to discover this original massage using the real massage oils used for the kalarippayatt.

You will be installed on a futon on the ground. The maneuvers used (passage from the hands to the feet without interruptions) and the quantity of oil used makes this massage to be carried out at best with a disposable thong.

The session lasts about 45 minutes.

The price of the session is 70 euros.