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Korean relaxation

The massage-relaxation originated in Korea, transmitted from generation to generation, was traditionally practiced spontaneously among members of the family to relieve the tensions of the day.

Rediscovered recently by the westerners, this accessible-to-all relaxation, receives dressed, on the back, on a futon or a fine mattress.

This technique uses pressures, progressive stretches, vibrations and undulations from the feet to the head.

Korean relaxation is an original method of relaxation that allows for deep relaxation of body and mind, where other massages techniques fail, especially with people who have difficulty accepting a relaxing touch or to undress for a massage.

The session lasts about 45 minutes
Price of the session: 60 euros


The benefits of Korean relaxation:

  • A total relaxation with sensation of infinite lightness
  • Provides well-being and serenity
  • Brings the comforting feeling of being taken care of
  • Releases muscle tension